Each of Backwoods Farm's rodents are physically weighed.
We do not "eyeball" or "guesstimate" to size.
Compare our sizes and weights to those of other sellers!
Our weights provide you the ability to get the true size you pay for-
If you order a small rat, you will get a small rat, not a smaller-sized large rat. This can be very important in helping you provide the correct size feeder for your creature, be it a young snake or a large bird-of-prey.   
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Mouse Weights
Less than 15 grams
15 - 22 grams
22 - 30 grams
30 + grams
Rat Weights
Small Rats
45 - 60 grams
.10 - .13 lbs
Medium Rats
100 - 120 grams
.22 - .26 lbs
Large Rats
200 - 220 grams
.44 - .48 lbs
Jumbo Rats
300 + grams
.66 + lbs

All of our rodents are fed our specially milled Backwoods Farm Inc.
custom blended, balanced diet. Our rodent diet has been painstakingly researched for nearly a decade to help provide our customers the highest quality rodent available on the market today!